How to make a beautiful Easter bonnet

Today's post comes from Rowan Kerek, my very talented little sister. Thank you Row. xx

Making an easter bonnet

My daughter's nursery asked parents if they'd make Easter bonnets this week. The promise of unspecified prizes and the opportunity to do some sticking spurred me on. It's more of a crown, but we had fun making it and not too much glue was eaten in the process.

Making an easter bonnet

We started by cutting two strips of card out, which my daughter decorated a bit. I cut out quite a few blades of 'grass' from some scraps of green card.

I glued the ...

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What is normal development at 15 months?

Child development at 15 months

Gross motor skills, what should your 15 month old be doing?

Gross motor skills are what babies can do with their arms and legs, like walking. The average age that children learn to walk is 13 months, some earlier, some later. The 'age limit' by which they should be walking is 18 months. If your child isn't walking by then, it doesn't necessarily mean that there's a problem, but there might be. So go and check it out. In fact, if your child isn't walking even earlier than that it's worth mentioning it to your ...

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How do you get your kids to eat vegetables? Vegetable pasta!

How do you get your kids to eat veggies? Vegetable pasta.

I would love to tell you that all my children are perfectly behaved. That they sit at the meal table, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, quietly and politely. They say things like, "please mama, would you be so kind as to pour me some water." Conversation is both intellectual and stimulating and after they have eaten all their dinner, without a fuss, they tidy up all by themselves.

However, with 4 children under 6, I suspect you wouldn't believe me. Meal times in our house tend to be quite noisy affairs. Conversation is limited to me asking what ...

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Barcelona, a moment alone


We've come to Barcelona for my birthday. By me, I mean my husband and my 4 children, aged 5, 3,and 15 month twins. It is, what can I say? A family affair.

I love Barcelona. It's a beautiful city, combining the old with new effortlessly. It's open, airy and light (except in the Barri Gotic), with elegant building and interesting shops. I love Barcelona with kids, but I also love Barcelona without kids and coming here always reminds me of pre-children visits. A much younger me sits on a balcony overlooking La Rambla, leisurely painting her ...

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How do you get your 3 year old to eat celery?

How do you get your kids to eat vegetables?

How do you get your 15 month old to eat raw peppers? Or your 5 year old to try a raw bean, without physical ramming it down their throat? Your 3 year old to chew raw celery without bribing them to kingdom come? Other than carrot sticks and the odd leaf of lettuce, I mean odd, my kids don't really do raw vegetables. Until I tried the 'dips' and 'lots of different vegetables' double combo, slam dunk trick. I think they were so awed by the variety that they forgot to complain and just got on with eating.

Dips ...

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Another outbreak of measles

A boy with measles

This week sees another outbreak of measles, and this time it's in New York city. 19 people so far have contracted the disease. Luckily so far there haven't been any deaths. Last year South Wales saw an outbreak with over 1000 suspected cases. And a 25 year old man died as a result.

I can't tell you how scary I find these statistics. South Wales is close to my heart as it's where we used to live. I worked in the hospital trust that at one stage was reporting over 400 cases in one month. My ...

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Walking to catalan class

The well, Palafrugell, Costa brava

It's an autumn day and the air is crisp against my cheek as I step outside. I close the door behind me. 'Click', 2 hours of freedom.

I walk down our street. It's a narrow street, almost too narrow for cars. But nonetheless the occasional car drives up it, either out of ignorance or necessity, scraping their wheels along the high step of the narrow pavements. Some place one of their wheels on a pavement, but that too is hazardous, risking your wing mirror or your body work. It is a street from before the time of cars ...

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Why is sleep so important to us?

Is sleep the no 1 parenting skill?

I spend quite a lot of time on the internet, on other people's blogs and pinterest. There is SO much advice available to parents, fantastic meals to be made, games to play, how to help your child read, become confident, become a brain surgeon. It's all great stuff but I think the number 1, important thing to give your family is the gift of sleep.

When I'm tired from being up so often at night time, I find it really difficult to cope with things that normally I can do. Currently, in my life, that's generally ...

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10 things I bet you didn't know about Spiderman, Superman and Batman

Superman's secrets

Since becoming a mother I have learnt many new skills and facts. I had never previously realised just how many friends Thomas the Tank Engine has. And if it's true, as I once hear a colleague joke to a senior doctor that if you fill your head with 'useless information' (I suspect that information was the finer detail of some hideous disease or other) then you are sure to forget something really useful, like how to walk. Well, if that's the case, then I'm in danger of remembering how to walk.

Superman's secrets

I am a super whizz at ...

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Why don't my pinterest pins go according to plan?

Wax crayons in the shape of teddies

I have recently become slightly addicted to pinterest. That, combined with my new year's resolution to do more crafts with the kids, has lead to lots of unfinished craft projects lying forlornly around the house. Some of them turn out well and others well, not so well. Perhaps you have to practice making your pinterest pins before you go for gold. A bit like perfecting a recipe. Anyhow, this week it's been wax disasters.

Firstly, there were those beautiful hearts that you make by scraping shavings of crayons onto grease proof paper. Then you iron them and you ...

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