How to Teach Your Baby to Sleep

With Foreword by Professor Peter Fleming. World Expert on Baby Sleep.

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Is THIS you?

  • Does ‘sleeping like a baby’ mean waking up every 15 minutes?
  • My baby is waking every hour!
  • My baby refuses to sleep-through the night.
  • I need help with naps.
  • Are you simply so tired that you’re not enjoying these precious baby days?
How to Teach Your baby to Sleep

There is one thing that all new parents wish they had more of…SLEEP.

It's 3 am and you're cocooned in your snuggly warm bed. From far away you hear a noise, getting louder and more persistent. The baby. Again. Sleepily you stumble out of bed, the floor is cold and unforgiving. You fumble around for your slippers and still half asleep make your way to the baby's room.

Dr Orlena Kerek, mother of 4 (including twins) explains how to establish healthy sleeping habits from early on.

How to Teach Your baby to Sleep