Kids Health

Your Kids Health is really important. Not just now, but if you can help your child develop healthy habits, they will reap loads of health benefits later in life.

The key to leading a healthy life is to eat healthily and be active (and for adults not to have bad habits such as smoking and drinking lots of alcohol.) If we get our children in these healthy habits of eating healthy food and being active, they will enjoy a healthy childhood and continue those habits into adult hood.

Kid's Health. THe Ulitmate Guide to Kid's health and developing healthy eating and living habits. By a pediatric docotr

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If you have a baby, there is a whole section on how to look after your baby with sections on breastfeeding, sleep, vaccinations, introducing solids, mile stones and common baby symptoms and illnesses.

Rashes in Children

Rashes in Children Loads of articles about rashes in children.

When Your Kid is Sick

Common Illnesses




Nappy Rash and Thrush



Why do children always have snotty noses?

Children and Colds

The Ulitmate Guide to Children's Health. Everything that you want to know from why your child is ill, what you should do and how to develop healthy living and eating habits. By a pediatric doctor.

Getting Active

Healthy eating is a really important part of developing healthy habits. Getting active and doing some exercise is also really important. Time to turn off the TV and get outside and have some fun.

Fun in the Woods

How to Teach Your Kids to Snorkel