Baby Cold

It is not unusual for babies, even newborn babies to get a cold. It may be that they just have a bit of a blocked nose, or they may develop more serious breathing problems. Colds are caused by viruses and are contagious. Washing your hands can help to reduce them spreading.

Baby Cold. What to do when your baby has a blocked nose or congestion.

Newborn Cold

When your baby is very little, it is important for visitors to wash their hands before they touch your baby. This can help to reduce the amount of germs that come into contact with your baby.

Young babies can struggle with a blocked nose but they may also have problems breathing as well. If you are worried about your baby’s breathing, take them to your doctor.

Babies and Blocked Noses

A blocked nose can make it difficult for babies to feed. If you are concerned that your baby is not feeding enough you need to talk to a health professional (your midwife, health visitor or family doctor).

Home Remedies for Baby’s Blocked Nose

  • Saline Drops
  • Snot Suckers
  • Essential Oils
  • Steam

You can buy either saline drops or snot suckers from your pharmacist. These help to reduce the amount of snot that is in your baby’s nose.

You can also try different essential oils. The vapour works to clear the blockage for a short time. You can buy products that are marketed for babies or you can use a few drops of mint or eucalyptus oil on their sheets.

Please be very careful if you have essential oils in the house. They can be poisonous if children drink them so keep them in a safe place.

Steam can work well to help unblock a snotty nose. Be very careful when using steam as burns are common. Steam from a shower is much safer than steam from a kettle.

Baby Cold. What to do when your baby has a blocked nose or congestion.

See also sections on Breathing Problems and Fever.



  • Wash hands frequently
  • Main problems are snotty noses, feeding and breathing