Your Children are so precious and kids health is so important. I believe that teaching children healthy eating and living habits will help them lead a long and healthy life. I'm here to help you start.


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The main symptoms that young children suffer from:

It is a comprehensive guide to what to do when your child is ill. What do I do when they are vomiting? What should I give them to eat or drink? And most importantly, When do I need to take them to the doctor?


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A look at the UK vaccination schedule:

Dr Orlena Kerek

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Snotty Noses is written by Dr Orlena Kerek a paediatric doctor, giving expert advise on how to look after your sick child.

Please feel free to contact me at I would love to know your views or hear your questions. Or perhaps you have photos or videos of poorly children that you would be happy for me to share on my site.

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What mothers say:

A really good mix of mum who understands how it feels and medical expert. It was comforting and reassuring to read. I think it will be extremely useful for a new mum with millions of questions on their mind.

Mahalia's mummy

Snottynoses is AMAZING!! It is so helpful and explains so much that medical websites/ books and journals don't... I also get some of the parents of my patients to look at it nowadays.

London GP

It's so informative and easy to read and written so well.

William's mummy