Sick Kid

Childhood illnesses are an important part of your kids health. Children of all ages get sick and unwell. Babies, toddlers and young children get unwell very frequently as their immune systems are busy learning to cope with all the bugs in the world. It is important for parents and child careers to know what to do when you have a sick kid. You need to know what to do when they are moderately unwell and you need to know when to go to the doctor.

What to do when your child is Sick

What to do when your baby, toddler or child is unwell.

  • Let them sleep.
  • Give them fluids.
  • Food. If they want to eat, that’s fine. If they don’t, don’t worry.
  • Give them medicine to reduce their fever.

When should you go take your child to the doctor?

If you are worried you should do to the doctor.

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Signs of Dehydration

Signs of Serious Illness

What to do when your child is Sick

When can I stay at home with my sick child?

  • If they are seem their normal selves and are playing happily.
  • If they are eating and drinking well.
  • If they are alert and smiling at you.
  • If their skin colour is normal.
  • If they are back to normal when their temperature comes down.

It is important to remember that children get ill frequently and if you are happy looking after your child, you don't have to go to the doctor every time they are unwell. A sick kid is a normal part of growing up with coughs, colds and... snotty noses.

If you are worried, or just want some reassurance then take them to your doctor. It is always better to take your child to the doctor to be told that everything is alright than to sit at home with a seriously sick kid (who you don’t realise is seriously sick.)

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