Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Kids is an awesome activity. It’s a great way to teach children essential skills that they will use through out their lives. It teaches them about healthy meals. Plus it gets them involved with food which is a great way to give them some control over what they eat.

All of my kids love cooking. Even my two year old twins get involved. Sebastian is very good at giving me directions and telling me when I’m doing it wrong. Cooking with kids doesn’t have to be a special event, you can just let them contribute to whatever you’re cooking. Even two year olds can do some “mix, mix, mixing!”

A child cooking. Cooking with Kids helps them learn to eat healthily

Benefits of Cooking with Kids.

  • Teaches them about food and food preparation.
  • Encourages them to try new foods and the food that they have made.
  • Teaches them responsibility.
  • Gives them a feeling of self worth, contributing to the family work load.
  • Enjoyable!
  • Bonding experience.
  • Gives them some control over the food that they eat.

Just Cooking With Kids

Stories from the dinner table sometimes your kids surprise you. Helpful without being asked.

Cooking With Kids, Healthy Snacks and Deserts

Carrot Cake Recipe

No Cook Energy Balls

Healthy Apple Spice Nut Bars

Clementine Cake

Apple Crumble

Drop Scones

Trail Mix

Lemon Curd (Really easy and can be used on bread, to make a desert or to make ice pops.)

Cooking with Kids, Healthy Dinner and Lunch Recipes

Spanish Tortilla Bites

Tuna Empanadas Recipe

Pork Vindaloo

Kids Made Salad


Vegetable Stir Fry

Recipes Suitable to do with Kids

Baked Peaches

A child cooking. Cooking with Kids helps them learn responsibility