Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts are a great compliment to healthy meals. Desserts don’t have to be full of refined sugar. Children get just as much pleasure from healthy desserts as they do from naughty desserts.

Remember that pressurising children to eat food can lead to the opposite effect. So telling them they can eat dessert if they eat their dinner isn’t a great idea. I get around this by having special ‘dessert nights’. On ‘desert nights’ I serve a healthy dessert and everyone can have some, whether they’ve eaten their dinner or not.

Healthy Desserts for Kids

When planning your meal, it helps if you think of your dinner as a whole, consider the main course and the desert. For example, if you’re serving a carbohydrate heavy main course such as risotto, you might consider a light desert. Equally, if you’re serving a light salad as a main course, you might think of a heavier desert such as apple crumble.

Healthy and Easy Dessert Recipes

Baked Peaches

Grilled Grapes and Vanilla Yoghurt This is so easy and very versatile. It’s great to serve to either kids or dinner guests.

Carrot Cake Recipe

Apple Crumble An old favourite but so easy and full of apples. I even made this one with the kids.

Lemon Curd Popsicles An awesome treat for the summer.

Peach Popsicles A cool refreshing fruit and yoghurt treat.

Healthy Desserts for Children