What to do When Your Baby is Unwell

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  • What is a Fever?
  • What to do when your Baby is Vomiting
  • What to do when your Baby has Diarrhea
  • What to do when your Baby has Breathing Problems
  • Common Causes of Noisy Breathing in Babies
  • Signs of Serious Illness
  • What Medicine can You Give Your Baby?
What to Do When Your Baby is Unwell

Becoming a parent is amazing but it can be overwhelming at times. When your baby is unwell, it is simply awful.

Dr Orlena Kerek, pediatric doctor and mother of 4 explains what you should do when your baby is unwell. What to Do when Your Baby is Unwell explains the most common baby symptoms and the nasty things that you should look for.

Please note, this book is not intended to replace a trip to the doctor. If you are worried about your baby, you should take them to the doctor.

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