Superhero Parenting Hacks

I hear a thud. A crash. A shriek. I try to push the noise from my mind. I’m draining a scolding pan of water and there is worrying charcoal smell coming from the oven. At times, parenting is like trying to juggle 50 balls. I can’t manage three.


It is time to transform into Wonder Mom and remind my little superheros of their amazing super powers, namely their Kindness and Sharing Super Power.

Parent like a Superhero. Some great parenting hacks thanks to superman and batman! I love #4!

Those super heros have loads of super powers. I bet you didn’t know…

  1. Superman blows his nose without any fuss.
  2. Spiderman wears pyjamas to bed, mostly Batman pyjamas but sometimes Spiderman ones. He puts them on without any fuss.
  3. Superman takes his pants off to go to bed, but not his cape. Not that my 3 year old will believe that one.
  4. Superman sits nicely at the table and eats his dinner without complaint, vegetables and all. How do you think he got his X-ray vision?
  5. Unless Aunt Jane stands over him and directs him closely, it might easily take Spiderman an hour to get dressed. No wait, sorry, that's my children.
  6. All superheroes are very good aims when using the toilet. No spillage. Ever.
  7. Batman is super tidy, he can't bear to see toys lying around the place, so when he's finished with them, he puts them neatly away.
  8. Superman and his friends never fight with each other, or indeed practice fighting with each other, or indeed pretend to fight with each other. They just were born knowing how to do it and they only fight with the evil penelopes (enemies).
  9. They are all very generous and share their sweeties with anyone who happens to be in the vicinity. They think it's a good habit to get into.
  10. Batman loves the dark. He lies quietly in bed and hardly moves until it's morning time and the 'sheep light' is awake.

Now my little superheroes are tucked up in bed. There super powers have been polished and are gleaming bright.

“Dante,” Galen says, comforting his younger brother who is talking after lights out. “Be a little Batman and go to sleep now.”

Parent like a Superhero. Some great parenting hacks thanks to superman and batman! I love #4!