2 Wish Upon a Star and Annie's half marathon

 Today's blog comes from a good friend of mine who is doing a half marathon in aid of a charity set up by a friend of hers who tragically lost her baby son and husband in the same week. Be warned, this blog may make you cry. Good luck Annie and thank you for sharing…

"When it rains look for rainbows When its dark look for the stars!"

Just over a year ago my good friend and neighbour, Sheryl and I decided that after each having two children we needed to get fit again.  Before having children I was a regular runner however during both pregnancies, I had lost a lot of confidence in my body having had SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) a painful condition that causes excessive movement of a ligament at the front of the pelvis.  So we started walking (and talking a lot) and gradually built up our confidence and fitness by walking further and faster until we were able to keep a pace of walk a minute, run a minute and then continuous running – though the talking did stop at that point! 

Then in a moment of perhaps madness, just before Christmas, we had an "I know" moment and signed up for the Cardiff half marathon to give us a goal!  We are both old enough to know better but wanted to use the opportunity to raise money for some fantastic charities. 

I have chosen 2wishuponastar.org  set up by a very courageous lady Rhian, to raise money in memory of her son George and her husband Paul who passed away suddenly and tragically in February 2012.  George was just a week past his first birthday and Paul, his Daddy just 33.  The charity’s aims are through the memory of Paul and George to raise money to improve and create better bereavement services in the South Wales area and eventually further afield. Emphasis will be on the immediate shock and trauma support required after losing a child so suddenly and traumatically including support such as providing bereavement suites, professional counselling.

This charity means a lot to me as I knew baby George, being the nephew of a good friend of mine and as he was born two weeks after my daughter Holly we regularly attended the same check-ups.  This charity is raising money for some much needed resource and everyone I know who hears about it is deeply moved by the story behind this charity especially those of you who have children - please do help us - every penny counts!  Thank you, Annie x

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