Me and my blog

Hello, I'm Orlena Kerek.

After leaving school, I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do. A year out turned into 3 (spent travelling, working and studying) and eventually I arrived at Bristol University medical school.

I graduated (meeting my husband to be on the last day of my finals), did my house job year (or 'houseplant' as I remember being called) and went off to Oz to work. After a short stint in Accident and Emergency I started in Paediatric Accident and Emergency. And my love of paediatrics began.

I returned to the UK to continue my paediatric training, working in various hospital across the country (as is normal for hospital doctors.)

In 2008 I had my first child, Galen and nearly 2 years later, my second, Dante.

It had been our long term plan to move to Spain. Originally we planned to move when we were 'financially stable' but things happened and we realised that we wanted to move sooner. So we did, in 2011. It was an awesome (if not always easy) choice that we made, one that I will tell you more about throughout my blog.

We were unsure whether to have a third child or not, but eventually we decided to try…and ended up with twins. A bit of a shock but gorgeous nonetheless, Celeste and Sebastian, born in 2012.

So that's, mother, living in Spain.

This blog is aimed to capture those qualities. I intend it to be part family/mother blog with a hint of doctor and a twist of Spain. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your comments.