Gift ideas for babies and toddlers

By far the best toy for babies we have ever been bought is our ride on bike. It was given to my oldest son for his first xmas and is still going strong 4 years later. Fabulous for it's longevity. The babies press the buttons and listen to it sing (in an oddly 'posh' voice in the UK version), then they enjoy sitting on it and even the older kids like to play with it and press the buttons in a more directed fashion. And you can change the bottom bit so that it can either be a car or a rocker. (Sebastian had a little melt down when I tried it in rocker version, I had to quickly put it back.)

Definitely a great buy and ideal pressie from grand parents. (Price, around £45.) VTech Grow and Go Ride-on

Other fantastic toys that we love are the ball dispenser. It's so cute to watch as the babies learn to push the lever so that the balls come out, then they learn to pick them up and put them in the top. Robust and long lasting. We've had this toy for years too. (Price around £25, but it's a newer version). Amazing Fisher-Price Laugh 'n' Learn Count and Colour Gumball

Another family favourite is the fisher price pull along dog. The babies love it and the older boys love it. There have been times when they've fought over who is going to take it for a walk. It makes a sort of quack sound as it walks, I think it's supposed to be a bark. Either way, great for little hands and toes. (Price, around £10). Fisher-Price Lil' Snoopy Pull Along Dog

If you're looking for teddies, the moilin routi range is great. Each of my children was bought one when they were born and each one has been sucked and chewed to manliness. (But they wash quite well.) Celeste's has even earnt herself the name 'poo mouse' (I leave that to your imagination) and Sebastian's is 'poo duck' but only because they're twins. (Price range from £10- 40 depending on size of teddy). Moulin Roty 31cm Rabbit Doll

And I nearly forgot our beloved Sophie the giraffe. A squeaky soft giraffe made from natural latex that works as a teether. What could be more perfect, a toy that soothes you when your teeth hurt. (Price around £12). Sophie The Giraffe Original Teether in Blister Pack (White)

So don't be at a loss this Christmas. Try one of our family favourites. And please share yours, I'd love to know which toys have stood the test of time at your house.

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And to keep you entertained here's a video of the twins playing with their ride on bike. (Unfortunately youtube doesn't like being embedded into my blog so I've posted the video on my facebook page.