How to Connect with your Child

We’re walking back from school. It’s not far but Dante is tired and can’t move his heavy legs. A spark of frustration ignites in me. I pause, take a deep breath and calm myself. We carry on walking. I squeeze his hand to give him energy. He looks up at me with his big blue eyes and fuzzy hair. We smile. A connection!

How to Connect with your Child. Some really simple ideas.

Connecting with your child doesn’t have to mean spending hours doing something together. Of course, it can mean that, but it can also be done in a moment, a look, a squeeze, a touch.

I find that I spend lots of time with my children and at times we just go about our days. Separate but in the same house. Dante playing lego, Galen making elastic band bracelets, mummy in the kitchen.

It’s so typical isn’t it? But when I think, when I try, it’s so easy to connect with my children. A squeeze, a touch, a smile.

We are all busy and even if you spend lots of time with your children, it can be easy to forget about the connection. It is easy to let the frustrations of life take over, or just to get on with your life while they get on with theirs. But a connection reminds us all that we are there for each other.

A connection reminds our children that we love them. It reminds us that we love them and that they love us.

Easy Ways to Connect with your child

Connect with a touch.

  • A pat on the shoulder or head.
  • Holding their hand.
  • Giving them a hug.
  • Giving their hand a squeeze.
  • Tickling.
  • A kiss.

Connect by doing things.

  • Reading together. Or looking at pictures.
  • Doing a shared job or project.
  • Playing, kicking a ball around, playing outside, playing with toy inside, playing a board game.
  • Family game night.

Connect by looking and listening.

  • Listen to them. I mean actually listen to what they’re saying and respond.
  • Look them in the eyes.
  • Bending down and being on their level.
  • A smile.
  • Laugh with them.
  • A wink. (not one I can do, despite years of practising.)

I’m busy clearing up after dinner. Dante is still sat at the table, deliberately delaying going up for bath. As I walk past him, I put my hand on his shoulder, I look at him and smile.

He smiles back.

His smile is so irresistible, glowing cheeks, shiny eyes. I bend down and give him a kiss.

A connection that says love. So easy, so simple, so loving.

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How to Connect with your Child. Some really simple ideas.