How to Enjoy Barcelona With Children

How to Enjoy Barcelona with Children

Barcelona is an awesome city and well worth a visit. As with other large cities, it’s wise to be prepared when tackling them with young children. So here are my top tips and favourite destinations.

Things to know about Barcelona

  1. Parking is difficult and expensive. If you can, arrive by public transport.
  2. Public transport around the city is easy and cheap. You can buy a T10 ticket for €10 which gets you 10 tickets in zone 1 (on any type of transport). The great thing is you can share the ticket (you just validate it for the number of people using it.) You can buy a T10 at any metro station.
  3. Children under 4 travel for free on public transport. (Hooray!)
  4. Get an apartment and live like a local. I’ve used MH Apartments 3 years in a row and would highly recommend them. They are clean and come equipped with all those things parents need (read a washing machine!) They are reasonably priced too.
  5. The locals are really friendly and very child tolerant. Local kids stay up late and kids are generally welcome in restaurants.
  6. There are loads of play parks which is always useful to keep kids happy.
  7. Barcelona is generally a safe city, but be aware that in the very touristy areas it can get very busy. Tourists are targeted by pick pockets. Be careful and you’ll have a great time.

Top Places to visit in Barcelona that my kids love.

  1. The Zoo
  2. The Aquarium
  3. The Parks, Parc Guell, Parc del Cuidad, Parc de labyrinth (it has a maze but it’s a little way out. Although easy to park if you have got a car.)
  4. The beach
  5. Cosmo Caixa (a science hands on museum)

Places I’ve been recommended to go with the Kids

  1. Stand Nou, the home of the invincible Barce FC.
  2. The Chocolate factory. Need I say more?

My Top Places to Visit in Barcelona (the kids aren’t so keen.)

My kids are still young so can’t walk long distances. These places are still fun to go, just tiring for them.

  1. La Rambla, the main tourist through fare. A large pedestrian area runs down the middle of the large street. Very busy but drink in the atmosphere.
  2. La Sagrada Familia the amazing Guadi cathedral that is still unfinished. It has LOADS of stairs. Not to be attempted with little ones unless you’re feeling strong.
  3. The Barri Gothic. The beautiful old quarter that is just off La Rambla. It’s like stepping back in time. Tiny little alleys, dark and dingy, you just imagine someone throwing their slops out of a window!
  4. Wandering around looking at the buildings. (But luckily there are lots of parks!)
  5. The Harbour. The hustle and bustle of the harbour. The sun glinting off the water and the click click of boats. You can close your eyes and pretend you’ve arrived on a yacht.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!