40 Amazing Resources for Parenting Toddlers

Parenting toddlers is amazing fun but let’s face it, it’s also hard work, challenging and exhausting. Toddlers will fight you through every moment of the day. And night. It’s not unusual for parents of toddlers to feel isolated, despair, at their wit’s end and like bad parents.

It’s not easy being a parent of a toddler. Or two.

But there are loads of amazing sites that will help you through every aspect of toddler life.

I’ve put together an awesome list of my blogger friends who write about surviving and thriving with toddlers. I have tried to divide them into categories but many of these talented moms write about different aspects of toddler hood.

Don’t rush through the list, otherwise you’ll miss some fabulous posts. How about you make a book mark “toddlers” and add them all? Then you’ll be able to find them when you need some toddler inspiration!

40 Amazing Resources for Parenting Toddlers. Here are some amazing sites that will help you thrive as a parent of a toddler. From parenting to activities, tantrums to picky eating, these sites have you covered.

Parenting Toddlers

Anxious Toddlers Natasha is a child therapist. Her site is dedicated to giving parents support, guidance and advice from toddlers to teens.

SnottyNoses Orlena (that’s me) is a pediatric doctor who writes about parenting toddlers and how to help your kids eat healthy food. My new book “Healthy Eating for Picky Toddlers. A Pediatrician’s Guide to Happy Meals” is due to be launched at the end of the summer. Sign up if you’d like to know when you can get a free launch copy.

Sand In My Toes Tarana shares her parenting journey from Dubai.

Adventures in Wunderland Rachel offers great parenting tips for toddlers.

Blissfully Raising Kids Emily focuses on positive parenting, including toddlers.

The Idealist Mom Kelly’s site is the perfect haven for busy mom’s who want to find happiness and be a “good enough” parent.

Moms and Crafters Menucha is craft addicted and writes about pretty much every aspect of toddler life.

Kori At Home Kori covers parenting and toddler activities.

The Soccer Mom Stacey shares her journey through motherhood in her “Parenting and Positive Lifestyle” blog.

Nerdy Mamma Chantal has heaps of awesome toddler posts including food, parenting and activities. She’s got “toddler” covered.

The Inspired Tree House Claire and Lauren are paediatric occupational and physical therapists who show you how to help kids build strong and healthy minds and bodies through play.

Lemon Lime Adventures Dayna writes about lots of things including homeschooling, Sensory Processing and toddlers.

Thriving Parents Kristina is a certified parent educator who writes about intentional parenting. She teaches parents how to thrive as happy parents, even if they have toddlers!

Can Do Kiddo Rachel is a pediatric occupational therapist who has a passion for child development and writes about play, development, milestones, family health and wellness and parenting.

Fab Working Mom Life Julie blogs about her journey to thrive as a woking mom of a toddler.

Kara Carrero believes in intentional parenting and its ability to make us extremely good parents and our children into extremely good kids. She also has an “extremely good parenting” podcast.

Imperfect Families Nicole is a parenting coach. She has fantastic resources on how to deal with tantrums and toddlers in general. She offers personal coaching and has an on line parenting course.

Beauty Through Imperfection Paula knows that we are all imperfect and shares her real life stories and advice to encourage other parents to find their imperfect beauty.

Military Wife and Mom Lauren is a former nurse who writes about practical parenting, enjoying motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. (You don’t have to be a military wife to enjoy her site, she has heaps of amazing parenting advice.)

Toddler Play and Learning

Uno Zwei Tutu Isabel writes exclusively about toddlers and her multilingual life.

The Imagination Tree Anna has some amazing play ideas that will keep you busy for hours.

Bambini Travel Erin writes about reading, playing and having fun with toddlers.

I Can Teach My Child Jenae is a former first grade teacher who writes amazing activities that will help your child’s development.

Adventures of Adam During a difficult pregnancy Emma vowed to make every day an adventure once she had recovered. Join her in her fabulous adventures.

Tot Hacks by Best Toys for Toddlers Mihaela spends her time playing, creating and making simple homemade toys for toddlers and has great parenting tips especially for toddlers.

Busy Toddler Susie is a former teacher who is all about fun, simple activities for toddlers.

My Bored Toddler Carol creates simple and fun activities to keep toddlers busy and engaged.

Teaching Mama Angela makes learning exciting and fun. She has an amazing toddler section.

Powerful Mothering Nicolette has simple play and craft ideas as well as toddler parenting tips.

Life Over C’s Kim shares fun homeschool crafts, ideas and projects.

Every Star Is Different Renae writes about Montessori Inspired homeschooling and printables.

Growing Hands On Kids Heather shares her passion for homeschooling and child development, encouraging independence one activity at a time.

The Kavanaugh Report Nicole creates and educates in her Montessori tot school.

Mama’s Happy Hive Vanessa shares learning and play activities for busy toddlers.

Tot Schooling Viviana presents creative early learning ideas, activities and resources.

Messy Little Monsters Louise inspires toddlers with the arty, messy, crafty fun.

Mama Smiles MaryAnne has some amazing toddler activities that will keep you busy.

Toddler Approved Kristina provides a resource for parents of toddlers to help foster a love of learning at an early age.

No Time For Flash Cards Allison teaches 2- 3 year olds and shares her amazing educational and fun activities.

Hands On As We Grow Jamie has so many awesome activities for kids, including heaps that are perfect for toddlers.

Have fun exploring these fantastic sites!

40 Amazing Resources for Parenting Toddlers. Here are some amazing sites that will help you thrive as a parent of a toddler. From parenting to activities, tantrums to picky eating, these sites have you covered.