Easy Self-care Tips for Busy Moms

Us moms always have a habit of putting our own needs last. We put so much energy into making sure everyone else is looked after that we forget about looking after us too!

The irony is that when we take the time to look after ourselves, we have more energy to look after everyone else.

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How to Start to Look After Yourself as a Busy Mom

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Start with one small habit. When you're happy with that one, come back and add another.

So easy!

1. Take care of yourself first!

You can't be the best mom if you're running on zero, so make sure you are nourishing yourself, getting a little movement in, getting some rest, and taking care of yourself mentally. If all else fails, grant yourself a little grace. You're trying your best!

(Tip by Kaleigh from Lively Table)

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2. Quiet time

Make sure to carve out a little quiet time each day to think.

(Tip by Christina from Little Sprouts Learning)

3. Follow your instincts

Don't worry about what other people think about your parenting (ignore most of the advice, it's not good anyway) Just follow your instincts.

(Tip by Christina from Little Sprouts Learning)

4. Exercise

Do a 15 minute HIIT routine several times a week.

(Tip by Deirdre from The Cool Food School)

5. Make sleep a priority

I know its easier to get things done when the kids are sleeping early in the morning or late at night but there are some serious health consequences if you are not getting the proper amount of sleep and if you're always tired that's not good for anyone. Try to get things done when the kids are up so you can sleep at night. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of screen time if you need quiet time.

(Tip by Whitney from Tried and True Mom Jobs)

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6. Be kind to yourself

Think kind thoughts about yourself and encourage yourself like you would do for a friend.

(Tip by Sharon from The Honour System)

7. Have gratitude

Awaken with gratitude. Every day should start with calm self-reflection of some kind.

(Tip by Sharon from The Honour System)

8. Keep it simple

Small things like taking time for a bubbly bath at the end of a busy day help remind you that you're important too.

(Tip by Orlena from The Honour System)

9. Self-care

Self-care is a necessity not a privilege

(Tip by Michele from Midlife Healthy Living)

10. Stop the comparison

Don't compare yourself, especially when it comes to weight loss. We are all beautifully different - embrace it! If you struggle with this - read this post)

(Tip by Amy from Eat Pray Workout)

11. Learn to say 'No'

Don't be afraid to let people down once in a while if it means putting your or your family's health first. Saying no allows you to reorganize, reprioritize and help you reach your goals. Read more about this here

(Tip by Amy from Eat Pray Workout)

12. Let the music in

Find some amazing tunes that inspire you. This makes any task more fun - cooking, cleaning, exercising! You'll likely burn more calories too as you have a little dance along the way! If you're not sure where to start, you can try my 'empowering playlist'.

(Tip by Amy from Eat Pray Workout)

13. Take it slow

Have a slow morning once a week - where your not rushing to get the kids out the door while juggling cleaning the house or managing other work and family commitments - not to mention just getting yourself showered and dressed! Read here why this made a difference to my health.

(Tip by Amy from Eat Pray Workout)

14. You have the power

A hard word but true - no one else is going to do it for you. You have the power to change your life or change the way you think about it!

(Tip by Amy from Eat Pray Workout)

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