Awesome Tips to Stop A Grumpy Day

Awesome Tips to Stop a Grumpy Day

Why is it that some days just don't go as well as others? It's nothing specific. It's just as if I’ve woken up well, grumpy. And so has everyone else. It can make parenting especially tough.

One small grumpy girl child. I pick her up, she screams. 

I put her down, she screams. 

I pick her up again, she slaps me in the face. 

The morning is noisy. Older children not doing as they're told, babies squawking, fathers 'singing'. So much for peace and quiet. The babies decide that napping is not for them.

At lunch time, evil parents that we are, we think we should torture our children by taking them to the beach.....There are protests.

Sound familiar?

Tips to break out of a grumpy day

Sometimes it can be easier said than done to break out of a grumpy day. Here are some ideas to help you.

  1. Physical exercise is a great way to use up energy. Get everyone running and shouting. Channel some of that grumpy energy into something else. You could play a game of football, or simply run around screaming. It’s surprisingly good fun!
  2. Have a rest. Everyone needs a rest and a bit of ‘me time’ now and then. If you can, take five minutes to yourself to recharge your batteries. If you can control your own frustrations, it’s much easier to deal with your children’s frustrations.
  3. Play Music Happy dancing music!
  4. Ignore the protests. Have you ever noticed how children complain about everything? They don’t want to go to the beach. Then they don’t want to leave. Don’t pay too much attention to their negative cries.
  5. Relish it! What? I know, but you know what? This is that time when your kids are little. It won’t last forever. Look around you and enjoy them being small. This IS part of them being small, real life isn’t like the movies, all cuteness and no grumps. Grumps are part of growing and developing (for all of us).
  6. Let go of perfection. If you’re worried about how your children are behaving, or what they’re eating, how tidy the house is, let go for a day. Sanity is more important than perfection.
  7. Stand back and have a look at your family behaviour. Why do you think people are grumpy? What is the trigger? What can you do to change it?
  8. Go to bed early. All of you! It is so much easier to deal with young children when you are well rested. Get an early night so that you can start the next day full of beans.

Remember, parenting is challenging and some days may be more challenging than others. Go and watch your children when they are asleep. All children are angelic when they’re asleep and you can remember how lucky you are to have such beautiful children in your life.

Awesome Tips to Stop a Grumpy Day