Healthy Easy Dinner Recipes

Finding healthy and easy dinner recipes that your kids enjoy can be the key to enjoyable and peaceful family mealtimes. Family dinners are a great way to help kids learn about healthy eating. I aim to keep cooking as easy and simple as possible and of course bursting with beautiful fresh ingredients so that my kids will love eating vegetables and grow into family of healthy eaters.

Enjoy Cooking

There are times when cooking is naturally fun. When you have company, some tunes and a glass of something cool and refreshing to help you work. I love those times when we all work together in the kitchen. Perhaps my husband, one or some of my kids or some friends to share the experience.

There are other times when life happens, when cooking seems more of a chore, more of a duty. Life happens. Kids, toddlers, work a gazillion other commitments. I’m a busy mom and I need healthy and easy dinner recipes.

But it still needs to be done.

At times like that I have to remind myself that cooking is the essence of family life. I have to remind myself to enjoy it. I have to shift the way I look at it.

I remind myself that providing food for my family and enjoying a family meal together is an expression of my love and my great opportunity to teach them about healthy food and healthy eat habits.

Simple Vegetables are Easy

My general theory about cooking is that you should start with vegetables. It has been shown that if you meal plan, you’re more likely to eat healthy dinner. If you know what you’re going to cook, you’re more likely to actually cook it than resort to shop bought pizza. Or burgers or sausages.

But I have another way and it works fine for us.

I buy loads and loads of vegetables. I go to our farmer’s market and buy so much I often have to make 2 trips with my trolley bursting at the seems. I buy whatever looks good, whatever is in season and whatever is a reasonable price.

Then I cook with whatever vegetables I have in the fridge or cupboard.

If you buy good quality, tasty vegetables, you don’t have to do much with them to turn them into an easy and healthy dinner.

But yes, I do have kids. I have 4 hungry mouths to feed so I need to cook dinner every single day.

My “recipes” are not really “recipes”. You don't have to stick to precise quantities. They are ideas to inspire you. But really that’s all a recipe is.

If you’re wondering, it is possible to cook veggies that kids will actually eat and to cook veggies that will actually appeal to kids!

Healthy easy dinner recipes for Kids. Some great easy family meals that your kids will love.

Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes

Easy Roasted Vegetables Pasta Recipe. Quick and easy and your kids will love it.

Easy Roasted Vegetables Pasta Recipe. SO easy! Just chuck it all in the oven!

Healthy Lentil Spaghetti Bolognese. A healthy and easy alternative to meat that your kids will love.

Lentil Spaghetti Bolognese that your Kids will Love Lentils are so easy and a healthy alternative to meat.

Healthy Spaghetti Carbonara that your kids will love. This is such a quick and easy recipe, with extra vegetables to make the most awesome healthy version of spaghetti carbonara.

Healthy Spaghetti Carbonara One of my kids all time favourites.

How to Make your Cooking Delicious with Homemade stock. Want to know why my kids love my healthy food? Homemade stock is my secret ingredient and it's so easy to make. I wish I had started making homemade stock sooner.

Home Made Stock. Really Easy! Much easier than you image!

Easy and Healthy Vegetable Chilli Recipe. Help your kids love their veggies with this delicious and easy vegetable chilli recipe.

Easy Vegetable Chilli Recipe. Another week night favourite that the kids eat without fuss!

Vegetable Stir Fry. A quick, easy and healthy meal that the kids will love

Easy Vegetable Stir Fry. My kids even love making this it's so easy!

Broccoli and Cauliflower pasta. An easy, healthy recipe.

Easy broccoli and cauliflower pasta. Quick, easy and delicious.

Spanish Chorizo Soup Recipe. A really healthy and really tasty dinner that your kids will love.

Delicious Chorizo Stew. A warming and easy taste of Spain that my kids love

Easy Vegetable Pasta Your Kids Will Love.

Easy Healthy Vegetable Pasta. A simple and quick week night dinner.

How to make Risotto Risotto is a great healthy dinner and it's easy once you know how. You just need to try it a few times. My kids love it and I put loads of veggies in it.

Healthy dinner recipes

Stories from the dinner table sometimes your kids surprise you. Helpful without being asked.