On being 3. My Super Cheeky Powers!

On Being 3, my super cheeky powers

'The terrible twos'. Children who are aged 2 come with an advisory warning attached to them. This is understandable. Suddenly, your cooing and gurgling baby turns into a demon child who at the drop of a hat bellows fire from their nostrils and steam from their ears. Aka, the tantrum. You've got to love them, especially in public when everyone turns and looks at you as if you've just beat your child with a broom stick. You want to wave a banner above your head exclaiming "Actually, I offered him a slice of apple".

Dante used to have tantrums when I collected him from nursery. Now that makes you feel great. "I want to go back to nursery". He would lie in the street shouting and kicking as if the world was ending. I used to hot foot it back home hoping not to bump into anyone I knew.

By the time they reach 3, most children have recovered from the tantrum stage. But that's not to say their behaviour is exactly exemplary. Perhaps 'trying threes' would do, just so you don't think you're going to go from tantrums to good behaviour overnight.

On Being 3, my super cheeky powers

Three year olds quite like doing the same thing over and over again. We went for a walk this weekend with Mimi (grandmother). "I know," said Dante, "you be the police man and I'll be the naughty aeroplane." Mimi had to stand with her arms out and say "I'm the policeman, you can't pass". Dante would then run past as the naughty aeroplane. "I know," said Dante, "you be the police man and I'll be the naughty aeroplane." About 50 times. Seriously. It was like being stuck in Ground Hog Day. (But it did mean he walked most of the way).

Last night at dinner, we played a game of trapist monks. Well, I say 'we' that is everyone except Dante who was hollering (there is no other word to describe it) a catalan song that he's learning "Baya baya baya". Eventually, I turned to tell him to stop. He put his hands over his ears (to indicate that he couldn't hear me) and cranked the volume up a notch. "BAYA BAYA BAYA". At which point he got sent to his bedroom after kicking me. And after 5 minutes came down and ate his dinner politely. It's like living with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. (It makes me giggle just thinking about it, especially with his oh so cheeky grin.)

3 year olds behaviour may be challenging but normally it's quite amusing too. I always find it difficult to tell Dante off when he sits there grinning from ear to ear and giggling like a maniac.

On Being 3, my super cheeky powers

And he's learn how to say NO. "Come on Dante it's dinner time" No. "Come on Dante, let's go to the park" No. "Have you brushed your teeth Dante?" No, my just playing on my computer for 5 minutes. (It's a toy computer not a real one.)

You're never bored on the roller coster ride that is having 3 year olds. Screaming, hollering, yelling one minute, giggling, laughing, smiling the next. I just look forward to when I have 2 of them. 

*Puts head in freezer and wails loudly*

I wonder if those trapist monks do package holidays?

On Being 3, my super cheeky powers

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