5 Quick Wins to Help Your Fussy Eater

Did you say your toddler was a fussy eater? They use to eat everything with gusto and then overnight they stopped eating anything green and turned into a carbo monster? From baby who eats everything to “picky eating toddler” in the blink of an eye?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone and there are so many things that you can do to help your fussy eater (whether they are a fussy toddler or a fussy grown up child.)

5 Quick Wins to Help Your Fussy Eater

  1. Don’t Pressure. The more you pressure, the worse the fussy, picky eating will get.
  2. Separate It. Have you tired putting little bits of food into ice cube trays? Or muffin trays? Or you can even get lunch boxes with little compartments. Kids love to explore and this gives them lots of options.
  3. Make it Fun How about using a tooth pick? My kids love using them to eat peas. Or cookie cutters.
  4. Keep it Small. If it’s new, don’t overwhelm them with a giant portion. Just a tiny taste is fine!
  5. Food they Like. Make sure there’s always something they can eat at meal times, preferably something healthy!

Fussy Eating Toddlers

The vast majority of toddlers are fussy or picky eaters. Of course, it’s a tricky time for them as they learn to communicate and master their emotions.

As long as you don’t pressure your kids to eat and keep presenting them with healthy food options, most kids grow out of fussy eating at around the age of 8. At this time, they become more open to trying new foods.

Enjoy feeding your fussy eater a healthy diet without pressuring them to eat and watch them grow into healthy eating adults.

5 Quick Wins to get your fussy eater or picky eater to actually eat. Even your fussy toddler!