Grilled or Baked Grapes. An Easy and Healthy Desert for Kids.

Healthy eating for kids isn't just about broccoli and cabbage. Teaching kids to eat treats in moderation is part of having a good relationship with food. Teaching kids that treats can also be healthy is another great trick. Or you could just skip the whole "lesson" bit and just get on with enjoying this easy and healthy dessert for kids. (Well adults too, but I put it in a posh glass for them!)

No Added Sugar Desert

I love creating new deserts with fruit. Baking, or grilling fruit is a really easy way to bring out the natural sweetness. As the fruit cells break down, they release their natural sugars and normally you don't have to add any sugar at all. Baked grapes are really sweet and sticky.

I used some grapes that were a bit over ripe, slightly bruised and not hugely appealing to eat raw.

Ingredients of Grilled Grape Desert.

  • Grapes (over ripe is fine…as many as you need to eat up!)
  • Plain yoghurt.
  • Creme fraiche.
  • Vanilla extract (the ‘proper’ stuff, not flavouring)
  • Honey or sugar to taste.

How to Make Grilled Grape Desert

  1. Place your grapes on a baking tray and grill them for 5-10 minutes. They go sort of wrinkly and lots of beautiful red juice leaks out of them. Sweet and sticky! Allow them to cool. (Or bake them in a warm oven for 20 minutes.)
  2. Mix up your yoghurt and creme fraiche. You could use just yoghurt if you like. Add a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a little sugar or honey to taste if you wish.
  3. Arrange your desert beautifully. I put the grapes in first for the children so that I could put sprinkles on top to let them know it’s a really special desert. For the adults I put the creamy yoghurt in a wine glass and topped it with the grapes.

Grilled grapes are a fantastically versatile and easy desert that you can use for every day or for special occasions. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Grilled Grape and Vanilla Yogurt Desert. An easy and healthy desert for kids with no (or little) added sugar.