Healthy Breakfast Ideas. Oats, Pancakes and Muffins.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes. Pancakes, Oats and Muffins. Make your child;s first meal of the day count!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It gives your children’s bodies lots of energy for a day full of learning and fun. Research shows that if kids eat breakfast, they behave better and learn more. The only problem? We so often resort to cereal out of a box. Here are some great healthy breakfast recipes that don’t come out of a box.

This is part of a series. This week, we’ll look at oats, pancakes and muffins.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas. Oats and Pancakes.

Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats from SnottyNoses.

Wild Blueberry Banana Oatmeal from HEN Family

Slow Cooker Oatmeal from The Crafty Larder.

Cinnamon and Pear Slow Cooker Oatmeal from Continue This Labour.

Health Packed Oatmeal Bar from Mums and Babies.

Freezer Granola from the Chaos and the Clutter. What a great idea.

Breakfast Yoghurt Parfait from In the Play Room. (Pictured at the bottom right.)

Breakfast Balls from Kids Activity Blog. Easy and Yummy. Plus you could eat them in the car.

Breakfast Flap Jack from Miss Mamo’s World

Cherry BakeWell Overnight Oats from A Dash of Ginger. (Pictured at the top.)

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Pancakes.

Banana and Walnut Pancakes from A Virtual Vegan. (Pictured at the bottom left.)

Wholemeal Sugar Free Banana Pancakes from Danya Banya. These look so easy!

Oat and Apple Pancakes from Wholesome Mummy Life.

Johnny Apple Flaxseed Pancakes from Continue This Labour.

Homemade, diary free Pikelits from Kidgredients. (Think little pancakes. Yum!)

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Muffins, Cakes and Bread.

Fruit Muffins from JDaniel4s Mom.

Easy Banana Bread from KidzActivities.

Instant Oatmeal Muffins from Play Ground Park Bench.

Healthy Breakfast Cupcakes from Wholesome Mummy Life.

Extra Fruity Breakfast Muffins from I’d Much Rather Bake Than

Blueberry Breakfast Muffins from UnAssaggio.

Glutten Free Breakfast Muffins from The Chaos and the Clutter.

Healthy Breakfast OatMeal Muffins from W in Wonderland. (Pictured in the middle.)

Peach Muffins from The Healthy Epicurean.

I hope you’ve found something that has caught your eye. Give it a try! Remember, if your kids don’t like it straight away, it takes time to get used to new foods. So keep at it. Keep presenting it, without forcing it and let them make their minds up in time.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes. Pancakes, Oats and Muffins. Make your child;s first meal of the day count!