Healthy Christmas Snacks for Children

Celeste is normally grumpy after her afternoon nap. She likes to express herself with grunts and screams. Today was no exception. I carried her downstairs to show her what we’d been doing whilst she was asleep (making healthy snacks for the Christmas tree). She was yelling in my ear. As we turned the corner, her little eyes lit up. She stopped screaming, a big smile on her face. A little finger stretched out and pointed to the tree, adorned with baubles and cookies.

Christmas!” she said.

Healthy Christmas Snacks that Your Children will Love.

Part of the excitement of Christmas is the build up. All those amazing lights, fantastic decorations and delicious food that we eat. They all have “Christmas” stamped all over them. They remind us that Christmas is just around the corner.

Why not try a Healthy Treat?

Kids love a Christmas treat but it’s easy to make them covered in sugar and how shall I put it, “not exactly healthy”. So I’ve asked all my blogging friends to help out with some healthy Christmas treats so that we can enjoy the fun of Christmas and still have healthy snacks.

Some are more healthy than others but I suspect that they are all more healthy than your average shop bought packet of cookies.

Ginger bread cookies these are the ones that we made. File under “healthy-ish!” (pictured)

Christmas Tree with Apple and Cucumber Snowmen Oh so cute! from Sugar Aunts (pictured)

Christmas Fruit and Veg Snack Skewers from Eats Amazing

Red Nose Reindeer Sandwich from Eats Amazing

Santa’s Favourite Cookies from Cutting Bites

Easy Apple Reindeer Snack from Craftulate

Maple Cinnamon Nuts from HenFamily

Christmas Tree Appetiser from KidzActivites

Christmas Tree Brownies from KidzActivities

Santa Chocolate Fountain Dippers from KidzActivities

Healthy Snow Men from RedTedArt

Christmas Treats for Preschoolers from RedTedArt

Cheeky Rudolph Cupcakes from Life at the Zoo (pictured)

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pudding from Hen Family

Kids Reindeer Cookies from Study at home mama

Reindeer Crackers from Bentolunch

Star Shaped Pizza from Montessori Nature

Healthy Gingerbread house from Edventures with Kids

Super food Chocolate Bark from My Fussy Eater (pictured)

Strawberry Santa from Kids Activity Blog (pictured)

Healthy Christmas Tree from Fantastic Fun Learning

Snowman Popcorn Cup What a great idea for a movie treat! from Creative Kids Snacks

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Healthy Christmas Snacks that Your Children will Love.