23 Healthy Instagram Accounts to Follow

We all want to lead a healthy, active and amazing life. It's just at times, those bad habits slip in and we feel tired and drained. If you're looking for a bit of inspiration, Instagram is the perfect place to find new healthy recipes and amazing tips to create your perfect healthy life!

Use IG for Inspiration, not to Compare

We're all on our own journey. It can be easy to look at the "picture perfect" images on IG, feel overwhelmed and think "I can't do it!"

Instead, look to Instagram for inspiration.

If they can do it, so can you! We all have the same number of hours in the day.

You don't have to do it ALL! You just have to take one tiny step.

Do one small thing and congratulate yourself!

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How to Use IG to Give Yourself a Health Boost

Book mark this page. (If you sign up for the "Boost" you'll find it in your "membership site".) Find one page that you think you'll enjoy. (There are summaries so you can find one that appeals to you.)

Pop over to IG, follow the page.

Have a look around and say hello!

There are real people behind each FB page (working their buns off to keep the page going.) They love to interact with you.

What they love most of all is when their readers comment and join in the conversation. They want to help you and chat to you. 

A woman browsing her tablet #parenting #parents #parenthood #parentlife #lifewithkids

1. Lowcarb_nocarb - Low-carb and keto Recipes for the whole family.

2. Little Sprouts Learning - Raising happy healthy kids.

3. The Cool Food School - Teaching children the joys of healthy eating.

4. On My Kids Plate - Kid food, family meals and fun!

5. April Golightly - Low-carb, whole 30, paleo recipes.

6. Eat Pray Workout - Healthy Recipes, Well-being Tips and Workouts!

7. Butter for ALL - Butter Health! Butter Nutrition! Butter For All!

8. Nosh And Nurture- GF/DF Recipes by a Certified Nutritionist | NURTURE Your Body, Spirit, Natural Beauty, Marriage, Home and Littles.

9. Becomingness - Healthy wholefood recipes (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free)

10. Eat with Awareness - Eat Well with AWAREness helps women develop a healthier relationship with food.

A woman browsing Instagram on her phone #parenting #parents #parenthood #parentlife #lifewithkids

11. Low-Carb, So Simple - Easy and simple sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb recipes.

12. Play With Food by Simone Emery - Helping families enjoy happy mealtimes! Feeding therapist by day. Procrastibaker by night. Blog has resources for fussy eaters, recipes and consult options!

13. Lively Table - Registered dietitian redefining healthy with real food recipes and unrestricted eating to inspire a deliciously joyful life.

14. She Loves Biscotti - Simple & Tasty Family-Friendly Recipes with an Italian Twist.

15. Bluebearwood - Creative family lifestyle.

16. Hybrid Rasta Mama - Natural health and living, toxic mold awareness, all things coconut oil, CBD oil for wellness, allergen-free recipes.

17. Tried and True Mom Jobs - Helping Moms find the balance to make money from home and raise their kids.

18. The Honour System - Healthy, whole food recipes. Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself.

19. Happy Veggie Kitchen - Vegetarian whole foods, comfort foods and internationally inspired meals to get the whole family excited about veggies!

20. Midlife Healthy Living - Easy ways for women to nourish the body, mind and soul.

20. Eating with Enthusiasm - Eating with Enthusiasm Nutrition Coaching offers virtual and in-person nutrition consultations, group/community nutrition and lifestyle programs, and fun interactive workshops focusing on nutrient dense eating.

21. Simply Whole Moms - I am a firm believer that eating whole foods can be simple. Let me be the one to show you.

22. Plateful Health - I am a doctor. I believe that chronic diseases stem from our food and lifestyle choices. So let’s share and learn from each other to get well and stay well

23. Organic Cookery School - Cookery and nutrition for children, families and young people.

24. My Kids Lick the Bowl - Healthy Kids Food and Happy Kids. Everything for feeding a young family and staying sane. Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Starting Solids, Lunchboxes and Family Meals.

25. MOMables Food Kids Love

A woman and her daughter happily lying on the grass #parenting #parents #parenthood #parentlife #lifewithkids