Like peas in a pod? Are the twins the same?

Do the twins look the same?

In a word, No. Even when they were very little I didn't think they were very alike. People would stop me in the street and say how similar they looked. About as similar as any siblings who happen to both be babies. I guess to be fair, they're both blond with blue eyes which is relatively rare around here. But still…

Do the twins have the same personality?

So, other than looks and weight? (Sebastian has always been bigger than Celeste and is now nearly a kilo heavier. It is normal for baby boys to be bigger than girls.) They're very different in personality too.

Well, they're both little monkeys ('monissimos' the most monkeys I once heard them describes as). Celeste is a good sleeper, she sucks her thumb and 2 minutes later she's soundo. And she's very sociable, she always smiles at people in the street. Everyone says 'que simpatica' how friendly she is. But they don't see her being really grumpy at home! And she's into everything. A bucket load of toys doesn't cut the mustard for her. She wants to be everywhere and see everything (it's because she's 'una mujer' a woman explain my spanish friends.)

In contrast, Sebastian makes a fuss about going to sleep and rarely smiles at anyone in the street. I think it's because he's in his own little world and doesn't actually notice them. But he's very content. He'll happily sit and work his way through a room full of toys. And when he does notice people, he smiles and laughs readily at things he finds funny.

Do the twins feed in the same way?

And feeding, they've always fed differently. Celeste took to breast feeding like, well a baby to the breast. Sebastian had more problems (see Sebastian having his tongue tie cut). Even later on, she fed quickly and would fidget lots whereas he would lie there quietly and take much longer. Celeste was a bit slower to take to solids and loves to feed herself (a rather messy affair). Sebastian quickly realised that food was great and has always been a much tidier eater.

Actually, when I think about it I find it difficult to find ways in which they're similar. They're both fantastic little people with cheeky grins and sticky fingers. They both get on really well with their older brothers and they talk and chat to each other. They've even started fighting over toys (sigh!) And I've noticed that Celeste is quick to help herself to Sebastian's food (even out of his hands). But I wouldn't describe them as peas in a pod.