Poo Mouse. A Love Story.

Once upon a time, a little mouse was born. She had a twin duck who was exactly 6 minutes younger than her. A month later a little baby girl was born. She also had a twin brother who was exactly 6 minutes younger than her. The mouse had been waiting and was very happy to have a little girl.

Poo Mouse. A Love Story. The enchanting story of a little girl and a little mouse.

As the little girl grew up she loved and loved and loved her “Poo Mouse”. “Poo” because she belonged to the family “Poo”; all those teddies who smell of poo (or more accurately baby suck.) And “Mouse” because she was a mouse.

Poo Mouse loved and love and loved the little girl.

Luckily for mummy, the little mouse and the little girl were great sleepers. (Unluckily for mummy, their twins weren’t.) These little dormice would fall asleep at any time, in any place. The little girl never tried to fall asleep in a tea cup but she thought it would have been lovely.

The little girl always, always, always fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth and her Poo Mouse clutched safely in her hand.

Dynamite would not have separated them.

The older she grew, the more the little girl learnt. She learnt to crawl. She learnt to stand. She learnt to walk. She learnt to carry Poo Mouse around. She learnt to say “Poo Mou”. She learnt to drop poor little Poo Mouse. She learnt to loose Poo Mouse.

Luckily for the little girl, her parents were very obedient. They spent hours and hours and hours looking for Poo Mouse. Nearly every day. The little girl did find that if she screamed “AARRHHH” (“I want my Poo Mouse!”) that it didn’t really make Poo Mouse appear more quickly, but her parents always looked slight stressed. She knew then that they’d been trying hard, so it was worth the effort.

One day, Poo Mouse went on holiday. She went on holiday for three whole days. She was eventually recovered from a packet of breakfast cereal. What a lovely holiday destination.

Poor Poo Mouse was loved so much she started fall to pieces. First a hole appeared in her face. Then you could see through her beautiful green dress. Next, a hole appeared in her manky tummy. Poo Mouse started to resemble an extra in the film “The Mouse Mummy”.

One day, there was hardly any of her left at all. Poo Mouse desperately needed a wash but it was deemed too dangerous to go near the washing machine again.

The mummy of the little girl had a sneaky idea. She would buy a brand new, sparkling clean Poo Mouse and everyone would be happy.

The mummy happily went to her favourite internet store and searched for a new Poo Mouse. There were not many to be found. Clearly Poo Mouse was now a rare end-of-line. The mummy did manage to find one.

The mummy found one pretty, sparkling clean Poo Mouse.

It was £100.

The mummy realised that Poo Mouse was in fact, part of the family and could not be replaced. The mummy realised that things are not precious because of how they look, but because of the value they hold for us. The mummy realised that the value of Love could not be replaced. At least not for £100.

The little girl clambers into bed to find her “Poo Mouse” waiting for her. Poo Mouse is looking old and worn but Poo Mouse knows that she is well loved. Poo Mouse is probably the most loved teddy in the world. Poo Mouse is old and loved and she is waiting.

Just like when the little girl was born.

Poo Mouse. A Love Story. The enchanting story of a little girl and a little mouse.