Start to Boost Your Health by Making One Small Change

You'd love to lead a healthy life but there are so many things stopping you. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of “I can’t live a healthy life because”….

“I can’t live a healthy life because I’m too busy!”

“I can’t live a healthy life because I love chocolate!” (Me too! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can eat chocolate as part of a healthy way of eating.)

“I can’t live a healthy life because those boxes of frozen pizza seem to jump out of the freezer at me when I’m trying to work out what to cook!”

Day 1 of the Easy Family Health Boost Video

Learn How to Live a Healthy Life

Did you know that 95% of illnesses are due to environmental factors (such as stress, what we eat and of course external factors like the air that we breath).

The great thing about that is that we can control our environment. We can control what we eat, what we do and how we think.

(It takes a bit of practice to control how we think but it’s fun and I’ll show you how!)

The really exciting news is that by making changes, we can avoid getting ill!

Our Bodies Function on AutoPilot

Did you know that 95% of what your brain does is subconscious? That is really useful at times. For example, you don’t need to “remember” to brush your teeth every night. You do it on autopilot.

The problem comes when we do things that aren’t so great for our bodies (such as smoking or eating foods that don’t nourish us but damage us.)

Make One Small Change to Your Daily Routine

Today I want you to make just ONE small change to your routine. It might be walking to work a different way. Or eating a food that you don’t normally do.

It doesn’t have to be big!

Enjoy that feeling of strangeness!

It might seem like a small and irrelevant step but actually it’s a huge step to letting your brain know that it’s going to take control again!

The Easy Family Healthy Boost

Over the next 2 weeks we’re going to have a look at the “computer programming” that is your brain’s “autopilot”. We’re going to look at which programs (aka HABITS) are useful and we want to keep.

We’re going to look at which habits aren’t helping us and find ways to replace them with better ones!

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Am I at Risk of Diabetes? And How to Avoid It

Later today, I’m going to be chatting to Dr Ashvy Bhardwaj about diabetes (which is currently one of the biggest cause of death in the world.)

Watch the video here

Make One Small Change Today

What will your small change be? Walk to work a different way? Eat something different or new? Hold your hands a different way?

Come and share in the FB group.