10 More Easy Peasy Ways to Distract your Toddler

It is difficult being a toddler. It is difficult being the parent of a toddler, or two. There are times when the world is just not right, so what do toddlers do? They scream. Quite loudly. It can make parents a little tetchy. It can help to distract your toddler from imminent disaster and show them something fun.

Easy Ways to Distract your Toddler

Take this morning for example. Sebastian who is 2, was not having a good morning. He woke up happy, but at breakfast time his problems started. They were loud problems. Very loud problems. Plates went flying. Spoons went flying. No one could think, the noise was so loud. I encouraged him to use words to tell us what was wrong. I suspect that even if had sufficient mental capacity to understand, the reply would have simply been “it’s morning time!” Who can blame him? I’m not a morning person either.

After what seemed like an eternity but was in reality a few minutes, I took him to another room to calm down. We sat and read a book, looked at the pictures and pointed at the animals until he was ready to eat his breakfast.

Sometimes toddlers need distracting from their problems. Divert their attention elsewhere in the hope of avoiding a melt down. Of course it doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely worth a go.

Blow Bubbles to Distract Your Toddler

Who doesn’t love bubble? Toddlers will spend hours chasing around bubble and popping them.

Clapping Hands

Loud noises often make them stop what they are doing and wonder where the noise came from. Turn it into a game and try to get them to clap too.

Pretend to Fall Asleep to Make Your Toddler Laugh

Who can resist waking up a sleeping parent? This will soon turn into a silly game, especially if you make a funny noise when you wake up.

Point to Something Your Toddler Hadn't Noticed

“Oh look, there’s a bird…or an aeroplane!” Make them interested in something else.

Tell Your Toddler a Story

Make up a simple story about an animal, an elephant, what ever you like. It doesn’t have to complicated. Try a soft calm voice and just keep talking.

Hide Behind your Hands

Where has mummy or daddy gone? Oh! Peekaboo, there you are! Repeat fifty times.


I love watching toddlers jumping. It’s so cute when they land with their feet wide apart. They love practising too.


My daughter loves to dance to any sound that she can here. Even my “singing”. If she’s a little tetchy, we often dance to change the energy.

Toddlers Love Balls

There are so many simple games you can play with a ball. I have never met a toddler who doesn’t love a ball. Kicking, fetching, throwing. Such good fun,


Silly noises. Make them yourself or even bang things together. Toddlers like loud, even if parents prefer quiet!

These simple methods can distract your toddler’s attention from “problem” to “fun”. They are simple and easy things that you can do in a moment.

Remember that not all tantrums can be averted and that’s OK. Tantrums happen, but reducing the number helps keep us all calm!

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Easy Ways to Distract your Toddler