10 Awesome Lullabies your Kids will Love

Lullabies are a beautiful way to connect with children. You can incorporate them into your bed time routine to create family tradition and personal memories. They are great fun to sing. Kids love lullabies and they have the added benefit of introducing kids to music at a young age.

10 Awesome Lullabies your kids will Love

I tuck the boys snuggly into their duvets and plunge the room into shadows. “Songs! songs!” they clamour. “Which song do you want?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

I remember, many years ago, when my first son was born. We lived in Wales and I’d just had a cesarean section. I hadn’t really clocked that a C-section counts as major surgery. My baby son was in the NICU recovering from what I fondly called “boy flu”. There wasn’t much wrong with him, he just had a few breathing problems and had to stay in hospital a couple of days.

When I heard that a welsh male choir was singing in the entrance hall, I decided to go and check them out. Anything to break the monotony of sitting alone in a bleak hospital room, staring at the rain pouring down the windows. 

(Grim grey Wales compares rather poorly to my subsequent experience of giving birth to twins in Spain. Iridescent blue sky and shimmering sea vistas.)

In my previous life, I was used to running up and down those corridors, full pelt, at the bidding of the emergency pager. 

That day, forgetting the major surgery, I set off enthusiastically. 

It was strangely more difficult than before.

I slowed, an aching pain in my stomach.

My legs felt heavy, clumsy. Dragging.

I hadn't noticed how long the corridor was before.

I finally made it

I am a choir fan. 

There is something magical about any choir. A welsh male choir draws you back in time, evocative of coal miners, poverty and the daily struggle of life.

It was the first time I heard my now favourite lullaby. “All Through the Night”. The wistful melody reverberated around me. Tears, unbidden, streamed down my face, drawing anxious looks from passers by. 

It was my first experience of postpartum hormones. At least the choir sang a sad song. Afterwards, I'd find myself sobbing uncontrollably at the bank commercials on TV. (This was back in the day when people use to watch TV, before the big crash. Perhaps it wasn't so silly after all.)

Thankfully, my mother came to my rescue, pushing a wheelchair that would ferry me back to that stark room.

In the days that followed, what with the excitement of having a new baby who was allowed out of NICU, I promptly forgot about that beautiful song.

My baby slept well. At least for the first few weeks. But then I began to think about needing a little more sleep and wondered what I could do to improve it. Anything would be an improvement on pretty much no sleep right?

Bed Time Routine for Baby

I learnt that kids like routine, especially a bed time routine. 

A good bedtime routine signals to kids that the day is over, it’s time to wind down and get ready for sleep. When my first baby was born, I didn’t know ANY lullabies other than Twinkle twinkle little star. Seriously how many times can you sing that over?

I made it my mission to learn the words to a few lullabies so that I could sing them to the kids. I sang and sang and sang. Sometimes my babies even went to sleep. Probably despite the lullabies.

The Best Thing About Lullabies?

You know when your children refuse to settle down? Or actually get into bed? Pretty much every day?

Lullabies are the perfect solution.

You can use lullabies as bribery. Sorry, I mean a positive reinforcement. 

"When your head is on the pillow, I'll sing you a song."

Suddenly, you will find lots of little heads neatly in the correct place for being tucked up.

Our Favourite Lullabies

The Skye Boat Song

Sleep My Baby (original in welsh, this is an english version.)

All through the Night (I sing the English version as my welsh isn’t up to the welsh version.)

Twinkle twinkle little Star

Rock a Bye Baby

The Smuggler’s Lullaby

Baloo Baleerie (I couldn’t find one with the words, but she sings very clearly. I love this song.)

Hush Little Baby

Twinkle twinkle Little Star

Molly Malone (not exactly a lullaby but the kids love it.)

Now, over 7 years later I still sing the same songs at bedtime. I know that the kids are getting older and soon they’ll grow out of wanting me to sing so whilst they still ask, I’ll sing.

I tuck the boys snuggly into their duvets and plunge the room into shadows. “Songs! songs!” they clamour. “Which song do you want?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Speed Bonny Boat!" "All Through the Night!" "Speed Bonny Boat!" "All Through the Night"

I give them 50 million kisses each. The door creaks softly as I close it whispering “I love you!

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10 Awesome Lullabies your kids will Love