Most Popular Healthy Snack Recipes of 2015

Finding healthy snacks that children love can be difficult. You want something quick and easy that is healthy and tasty. I know it might seem like a tall order but here are the 5 most popular healthy snack recipes of 2015.

Healthy Brownies

Healthy Brownie Recipe. An easy recipe using dried figs that you can make with kids. Quick, easy, healthy!

Healthy brownies are delicious. Their yummy taste comes from dried figs. What could be more healthy than that? And before you worry, my kids “don’t like figs” but they love these. And yes, they know they have figs in them.

Coconut Cookies

Easy Apple and Coconut Cookies, suitable for cooking with kids

These are coconut macaroons in disguise. Made with coconut and stewed apple, only 1 teaspoon of sugar (to help the eggs whites whisk up.) I think they tick the “healthy box”.

Banana and Oat Cookies.

Banana Oat Cookies. A quick, easy, healthy snack for kids

Only 2 ingredients. Can you guess what? Great for kids under 1 who aren’t allowed any sugar.


Hummus for kids, quick, easy and healthy

Hummus is REALLY easy to make. Whizz up some chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and a few other ingredients. My kids love hummus.

Apple Spice Nut Bars

Full of lots of yummy nuts, (and a small amount of sugar) these are gooey and yummy. What a great treat!

Healthy Apple Spice Nut Bars

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Most Popular Healthy Snacks for Kids Recipes 2015